Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Message Board.

I have created a new message board!!! It's called AG Homeschool !! (Don't worry you don't have to be home-schooled!!)  Almost ANYONE is allowed to join!!!

You can click the link above or use my contact form and tell me what username you want. 

And remember to ask a  parent before you join!!!  The board is kept secure.  Every member has to be approved before they can join.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some one you should meet!!

F = Felicity
R =Rose

F:  So last Christmas mama went to Maryland to visit her family and such. For Christmas she gave her cousin an OG doll so now that's our cousin!! We sorta forgot to post these......... But oh well!! Now onto photos!!!!

R: Hi I'm Rose! I'm 7 years old!

This is my room do you like it? 

These are all my toy cows!!! They are so FUN to play with!!!

This is my bed!! Isn't it pretty??

And this is my night stand!!! I love it!!!

Here I am with my mountain dew!!!


F: Isn't our cousin so pretty? We love her..... She is just SO NICE!!! Her eyes are icy blue and her hair is a wavy dark brown... Aah Rose.......

The Doll and her cousin,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring photo shoot

I have completed the spring photo shoot of my dolls. I will be using them as their profile photos from now until the Summer photo shoot. So take a look!!

Here is Elizabeth!! I braided her hair a while ago sat that would be all pretty for the photo's!! I love how her eyes sparkle!!

It's Felicity!! She looks so peaceful.

Kit Kit Kit!!!! Yup that's right it's Kit!!! I just love this photo of her!!!

Rebecca!!! She looks so pretty in this photo!!

E: Hey I thought I was the pretty one!!!

And now for some group photo's,

(yeah I know not the greatest. it has my knee and my hair in it.)

This picture is SO cool!!!

Well that's what iv'e got for now!!

Abbie R and The dolls,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A day in the life of Kit

Kit here! Today I going to be posting up about my life each day!

Every morning I wake up.

Then I stretch!

Next it's time to get dressed so I put on my under suit thingy.

Then my skirt and sweater.

On go my shoes!

Now I brush my hair.

And make my bed!

After that it's..... PLAYTIME!!!

Toys toys toys!!!

After I'm done I clean up!

Then it's time for school.  Luckily it doesn't take to long!

Mama says that I should go somewhere each day so I put on my hat and vest!

First I went to the window will by my room.
M: Hey what are you doing her stupid AG?
K: Exploring!!!!
M: Well don't 'explore' here!!!!

K: Your mean!!!!
M: Ha ha ha.

I left her behind and went to visit Lola. The kind owl!!!

L: Welcome Kit!
K: Hello Mrs. Lola!!
L: Please do take off your things and stay a while!

K: Okay!
L: Hold I need to call Kepler.

L: Kepler!

L: Kepler why don't you say hello.

He turned around and stared at me.

By the time I got home it was time for quiet time.

It was time for bed so I undressed then put on my night gown.


 The doll,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mini Kaya's adventure in the living room!

K = Kaya
M = Marie-Grace

K: This is it!! My big break out!!!!

Down the stairs I go!!!


Just a little bit farther!!!

Wow so big!!

I'm in the window sill!!

Now that I'm on the ground...

Yikes I here something!!!

Star step?! What are you doing here?!!

Um woah! Marie-Grace must have gotten some new clothes. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS CECILE (the horse) WEARING???!!!

I ran over and grabbed part of Cecile's bridle.

I took of that CRAZY looking bridle Cecile was wearing.

Cecile ran off to go and tend to her foal Star step.

Um Marie-Grace what happened?
M: Oh it's been horrible!! First some random Barbie doll decided that they didn't need a fire fighter suit. So she gave it to Felicity who then put it on me! 
K: And what about the weird bridle on Cecile?
M: Well then I decided to take Cecile out for a ride and I couldn't find her bridle. So I went and asked *gulps* a Barbie if they had a bridle and they said this was their only one. SO I was forced to take my only option so that answers that question.
K: Okay.

Marie-Grace took off the silly hat she was wearing.

Then she took of the crazy jacket/shirt/dress she was wearing.

We quickly ditched the pile of unwanted clothes.

M: I wish Felicity hadn't taken my shoes off.....

K: Here...
I took of my shoes and gave them to her.

No shoes for me!!!!!

Cecile and Star step joined us so... GROUP PHOTO!!!!

The mini dolls, + Cecile and Star step,