Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meet, ?

E = Elizabeth
F = Felicity
K = Kit
R = Rebecca
M = ?

E: Hello everyone, So things have been CRAZY around here!! Between mama getting sick, Us settling into our new rooms, and oh yeah the big "surprise".

F: Eh hem, As you all know,  our mother has been saving every penny so that she could adopt (buy) a new sibling (doll). Well we here now to formerly introduce our newest sibling, but first let us take, a time to enjoy *Is cut off by Kit*


F: Alright, alright, I would like to introduce, *Rebecca jumps in*

R: MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!

E: Yes yes Molly....

M: Hello everyone, I'm Molly, My full name is Molly, Jennifer, Carter. I'm eight years old and love to swim!!! Because there are other Molly dolls out there that read this blog, you guys can call me Jenny!! Short for Jennifer!! I share room with uh, Kate?

K: KIT!!!!

M: Kit, I don't have a profile yet but I will soon!!!  I wear glasses and am good friends with Kit, and Rebecca!!!

R: Molly is a goof-ed friend!!!

E: Tis tis,

F: Well we are really busy helping Molly settle in so bye!!!

R: Good bye!!!'

K,M,E: Bye!!!

The dolls,

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Switching rooms..

E = Elizabeth

E: So I am doing a post today, Well after reading the title you can tell that us dolls have switched rooms....... So everyone got a new room except for Felicity. So here's how it worked, I took Rebecca's room, Rebecca took Kit's room, And Kit took my I mean me and the soon to be new girls room. (Read the newest post on mama's blog to see how much money she has saved!) So we decided that Kit should share a room with this new girl A. Because she is going to be only a year older then what's her name oh yeah Molly... B. Because Mama said that Kit and Molly have a lot in common, Like they are from almost the same time period, and they both like playing with toys, And C. Because.... Well nobody really knows why, mama just said that there were three reasons! So here are pics of us in our new rooms,

This is Rebecca sitting in her new room, It's sorta low on
 space so she has to be extra organized.

Kit wouldn't let me take a good pic so I just snapped a quick 
one of her looking at her I mean "their" room.

And here's me sitting in my room.

The doll,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two big updates!

F = Felicity
MK = Mini  Kaya
M = Mini Marie-Grace

M: Great news!! 
MK: We got our own bedroom!!
M: It's behind mama's alarm clock so every morning we have to listen to her alarm. Plus she charges her iPod through her clock so we have to have an iPod sitting in the middle of our room.

MK: We also got our own stable!!!!
M: And I got my own horse!!! Her name is Sunshine!

M: Pretty Sunshine....

MK: Marie-Grace is going to go out and take Sunshine for a ride so I am 
going to give you a tour! Oh and you may have noticed that I am wearing something new!

MK: This is our pen where the horses can graze.

MK: This is our tack/emergency kit!

MK: This the stable where either Cecile and her foal or Sunshine stay.

MK: And this is just a random photo of me!

Now onto the other update.....

F: This is sorta hard to explain but mama officially "adopted" us. Before we were just sorta her um dolls. Now we are her "adopted" daughters! Yep that's right we are all officially sisters! And our new last name is......... Carter! No that is NOT mama's last name (Mama's last name starts with R ). You can see our new last name here at our profiles The dolls.

MK: But mama and I talked and we decided it would be weird if me and Marie-Grace were sisters to the big dolls so me and Marie-Grace were "adopted" separately! 

M: But yes me and Kaya are sisters!!!

F: That's it for now!

The dolls,