Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lewis's Photo shoot,

L = Lewis,

L: Lewis here, today I got a photo shoot...... On to the pictures,

See how fall like it was today? Man it felt good being outside,

Yeah, I'm looking good today. ;]

One of mom's cats, Tigger, managed to have HIS picture taken instead of me, weird cat... Actually I feel bad for him, mom is worried because he stayed at the barn overnight once, and got chased and attacked by something. Mom's dad found him in a brier patch meowing, tore up and scared. We think he's okay, but we're waiting it out.

Alright back to another picture of me, You may have noticed, mom found me another pair of pants, shorts to be exact.

Above shot,

Lying on the dried grass,

Being rubbed on by a cat named Fat Mo,

Hey, you caught me off guard!!!! And why do I have a cat behind me? Photo bomb,

Look at all these leaves!!! Fall is coming like, three weeks early!!!!

The famous, Fat Mo,

And final photo, me sleeping on some soft, plush, dry grass.

Enough yack for now, 

The Doll,

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mini Samantha's beginning of fall fun!!!!

Hi it's me, mini Samantha, aka Elliot. Do you see this GIANT sunflower seed? Mama grew it herself!! Actually, she grew all of them. But here's one, right now mama's harvesting sunflower seeds, some to bake for eating, and some to plant next year.

Aah!!! The big dog Finley is attacking me!!!! But she's so soft and cute I can't be mad at her. :)

I, have, made, it. To, the top, of the, post... Whew, out of breath, but now I have a great view of the garden, even though most of the stuff is gone for the year, it's still fun!

See??? It's the garden mama's whole family helped grow. During the summer when mama and her family went to the barn, the dog's, Chevy and Finley, would sneak into the garden and steal tomatoes. Silly puppies,

Well that's all for now, bye!!

The Doll,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Elizabeth here....

E = Elizabeth,
C = Charlie,

E: So...... Hi.... I feel out of place blogging here, I mean, typically it's Samantha or Rebecca, but no, it's me. Maybe I should update you on what's going on, well first off, Charlie's back for a while!!! We're all super happy about that, Lewis left just a few days before Charlie showed up, Lewis was kind of in need of a trip away from the girls... Well, we are all out of place!!! Apparently mama is going to start working on rearranging things, not dolls sleeping with whom, but just a whole new space entirely!!! She's going to have part of her closet converted to doll rooms!!!! Eventually I should say, so for now, Me and Rosalia are sharing a bed, Felicity has a room to herself, and Charlie, Rebecca, Ryder, Samantha and Alice are all sleeping in one room together. I'm kind of curious as to how it's going, I mean five totally different girls sharing a room!!! Alice, my sister and the "mean girl", Rebecca, the all out girly girl who just ooh's and aah's over her boyfriend Lewis, Ryder, the tomboy, Charlie, the genius and frankly, a bit of a know it all. and Samantha, the fashionable, french, geeky, smart girl. Charlie wants to type,

C: Hi everyone!!!! It's amazing getting to blog once again, I will update you later, BYE!!!

The Dolls,