Monday, December 30, 2013

A Slight Fashion Show

A = Astrid
R = Ryder
L = Lewis

A: So. Mother got some new clothes for us for Christmas, we have to model them. -___-

L: Well, first I'm wearing some new blue jeans, (That keep showing up black,) and black and white sneakers!!

Nice for someone who has two pairs of pants and one pair of shoes. :D

R: And here's me, modeling a pink dress with a tulle layering and white sash.

And sliver bow to flats to tie it off.

A: And then me. This super short metallic dress, which is probably going to be a shirt, is, never mind. I give up, I can't describe it without, eh...

Yes! Something decent. No more super short dress!

Now, a tiny pink and purple tank top with a silver belt, it's being modeled with those jeans Lewis got.

And finally, a new white fur coat with white fur boots. I have no words, 

R: All these clothes are from the Springfield line.

L: That wasn't that bad.

A: Yes! It was!

L: Oh c'mon Astrid!

A: Yeah, no. 

L: Will you put that dress back on? Please? 

A: NOOOO!!! I am never putting that itty bitty little stalker magnet on, EVER, AGAIN!

L: Aaaaahhh.... :{

A: Why do you want to see me in a- OH. Well, NO!

L: I was not-

A: Anyway, Ryder and I are plotting our revenge on mother. 

L: Would you-

A: No.

The Dolls,

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

A = Astrid,

A: So I'm posting our Christmas morning through my eyes.

We all woke up and moved some furniture around so we wouldn't have to all squeeze onto the two sofas, I sat on the floor, but that was my choice. Yes, you may be wondering, I wore something for Christmas that showed my spirit. If, you consider a slightly short perfectly white dress Christmas-y, I just wasn't interested in a frilly knit sweater and layered black skirt. :] Back to this morning,

I handed out gifts because I'm the newest and oldest.

The room has been nicely decorated for Christmas since before Thanksgiving. :P

I reach for the first present, a white box! Mom gave us a list of which presents in which box go to who. Except this whole box goes to Ryder!

She opens it to see, two sets of jack's and some other toys! 

I grab a green sparkly box and open it up, there is something for everyone. Slinky's and BUNCHES of bouncy balls!! I hand one slinky to Alice and one to Samantha. The bouncy balls will be divided up later. 

I grab a Santa gift bag. 

I pull out a large orange-y colorful bouncy ball. This is for Lewis, I hand it to him with a smile. 

Then I pulled out this colorful and soft puppet. It's for Rosalia!! I hand it to her and she goes crazy over the gift.

I dump out the little figures and such. I pass out the things, A Cheetah for me, a horse for Felicity, etc, then I give Ryder the little truck, and Rebecca the coin which has a Bible verse on it, I'm guessing she'll stick it in her special box. :)

Then I grab this mysterious black box, it's the last gift. Inside is,

A GAMING SYSTEM AND A TABLET!!! They aren't on the list, but inside is a note, the gaming system is, Rebecca's!!! And the tablet is, MINE?! I got a tablet!! 

Rebecca with her gaming system, ;)

Me with my awesome tablet!!!

And the whole room after Christmas morning. :) :p

Our Christmas was grand, what about yours? I have to go enjoy treats with the others, bye! 

The Doll(s),

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Photo's of me...

A = Astrid

A: So, I got a photo-shoot. Laugh and I'll break both your legs with my martial arts skills, or my kickboxing, or my big stick. :]

Me sitting,

Alright, I gotta admit, that is a really pretty photo.





Boots. <3

Yeah, I look like that, whatever.

The Doll,

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hi I'm-

A = ?

A: Hi, I'm the newest doll here. My name is Astrid, I don't want to say much, but um, I'm fourteen. I'm a MAG, #29 to be exact, and, if you want to know more about me, check out my profile on the profile page.
Well, I guess i will be posting here from now on. Bye,

The Doll.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rebecca's Photo's,

R = Rebecca,

R: I had some photo's of me taken. :)





Not much, we know. Bye,

The Doll,

Monday, December 2, 2013

Vacation Chaos.

Rapunzel here! So, instead of an AG doll going to Thanksgiving in NC, I got to go!! It was fun, Bear got some pics, none worthy of what I wanted.... She did my hair a lot, and I enjoyed it greatly! But then I met Bear's newest addition. Anna. While I don't have pictures, (Bear might have some on her blog eventually.) Anna, is a toddler doll of the character, Anna. from Disney's new movie Frozen. Anna told me she is five years old. She is adorable, but she's different. She's around fourteen inches tall, but she looks nothing like any of the dolls here!!! The AG's won't take her in, and me and Merida can't do much for her. She is sweet, earlier today she wanted to show me her forward roll, but she had to make me promise not to steal her tiara. It was so sweet, if you were just watching you would think, "How cute...." But, the tiara has a story. And it involves why Anna has no family.

As all dolls are made, if they have a sibling or someone special in their movie or books. Then one of the dolls in their line will be their "Soul mate." Anna was created, and she had a sister. HAS. a sister, so I should say. Elsa is a couple years older, seven to be exact. So Anna's supposedly amazing older sister Elsa, said to Anna before they were separated, when Anna was, adopted. That no matter how far apart, how long it takes, how scared, sad, happy, angry, lonely, or separated they are, to always wear her tiara. And Elsa will always wear her matching one. And someday, Elsa will join the family. And Anna won't be alone anymore. Without parents, that tiara is Anna's closest relation to family. It keeps her and Elsa close, even when they are far apart. All will be perfect someday, for my new friend Anna.

That is all I have to say for now, I hope to write again soon.