Thursday, January 30, 2014

Astrid gets to travel.

A = Astrid

A: Can't believe it! Mom said there is an eighty percent chance I'm going with her to, FLORIDA!!!!!! I might have to stay in a hotel room most nights, and other stuff. But I will get to see warm weather, and some scenery, and travel!!! I have never traveled before yet, this will be so fun!!! The other's told me about their travels, Elizabeth has gone to North Carolina, as did Charlie and Felicity. (I still haven't met Charlie, actually. But I have emailed her, she has seen some pictures of me.) All of them said it was fun, oh wait!! Rebecca has been to North Carolina, same with Lewis! Felicity has been all the way to COLORADO. Ryder's gone to Maryland.... And I'm the first to go to FLORIDA!!!!

You may be wondering why I'm SO excited, and acting abnormally, but first of all, this is my first time traveling, anywhere, EVER! Second, I'm going to FLORIDA. I'm half Hawaiian!! Florida is the closest thing to Hawaii mother will ever get me to!! But that is oh so fine!! Oranges, and grapefruit!!! Maybe some palm trees, and more tropical beach-y things!! YAY!! Man I am acting girly, oh well. I'm EXCITED. Totally different.

Mother has been watching videos on how to travel with me, hopefully I get to ride up with her and not in her suitcase. But she usually keeps us close. My clothes might end up in her suitcase though, fine with me. This is getting out of hand, I'm going berserk!!! I don't know if I can stand the two week-ish wait!!! There will be so much to document!! If I actually go, I know I'm excited, but mother says that if she can't convince HER mother then it is a no. But she already talked to her mom asking about which vehicle they were taking, (The size of the car always determines what comes and what doesn't.) But we are taking the family's Suburban, which means a doll can go!!! :D EEK!!! So much to do!! Mom has to pack for me!! I have to prep for going from eight degree weather, to seventy degree weather!!! YIKES!!!

Someone will tell you when we leave, mom said I might be able to blog while on vacation, but we might not have time. XD For now,

The Doll,

Monday, January 20, 2014

What the HUH?!

R = Ryder

R: So, I have been watching some episodes of Dragons: Defenders of Berk, and the character Ruffnut has thost long looped braid thingy's, well in episode thirteen, Free Scauldy, SHE CUTS THEM OFF!!! I was watching with Lewis and he said I look like Ruffnut!!


Short blonde hair, it works. 

So as dumb as this post was, I'm still REALLY shocked. What will she look like in the next episodes?! MURHGGHHGGEERRRRR!!!! I'll keep you informed, check out mom's blog for a new post as well.

The Doll,

Saturday, January 11, 2014


A = Astrid
E = Elizabeth
L = Lewis
R = Rebecca

E: Hello everyone!!!! I really need to get my words in more often, everyone here is fine. Enjoying everything,

L: Share Elizabeth, share.

E: Hush donkey face, you must not know anything considering you lost your girlfriend Rebecca, enjoy being single.

L: I have a girlfriend!! Over the internet, her name is Chloe, she is part of a group of dolls on a blog!! Country Doll Studios to be exact.

E: Whatever dippy,

L: Why are you so *hiccup* mean to me? *hiccup*

E: AHAHAHAHAHA!!! You have such a nervous habit of hiccuping. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

L: I just-*hiccup*

A: Elizabeth hush. Lewis did nothing to you to deserve this treatment.

E: Whatever battle girl.


R: Calm it! I dumped Lewis, I was just losing those feelings. We're still friends though!!!

L: Yeah, *hiccup*

E: Oh Astrid, you have a lot to learn. Rebecca, you did the right thing, dumping this crying hiccuping mess. And Lewis? Man up. And you guys should watch out, or a battle might start.

A: I would like to live to see my next birthday, so I'll do that.

The Dolls,

Monday, January 6, 2014


R = Rapunzel

R: We finally got snow!!! And Bear took ME out in it!!! We got some bad photos, but it's all worth it!!!!!

Got to keep warm with Merida's cloak!! It would have been FREEZING without this cloak.

The snow was so deep on the hood of Bear's father's truck.

One picture of me, (Yes I'm wearing my dress, I kind of like it now.)

Another picture of me, my feet got numb after a while. :}


It even got on the deck!!!!

I had so much fun out in the snow, it's starting to melt now. But it was fun while it lasted! Merida is fine by the way, just enjoying the warmth. Goodbye for now!