Saturday, March 29, 2014

Singing Together,

R = Rebecca,

R: So nothing much is up, but I thought I would tell you the boring bit about Karaoke night. We all decided to sing, some of us sounded amazing, others not so much. In order from best to worse singers of that night as well as the song they sang:

Felicity- Let It Go,

Astrid- You are My Sunshine, (Surprisingly this old lullaby sounded great through Astrid's voice.)

Rebecca (Me!)- Hallelujah,

Samantha- Suddenly I See,

Lewis/Felicity- Love is An open Door, (Lewis knew the lyrics to this song, so he asked Felicity to sing it with him because he needed a little help.)

Ryder- Take a Hint,

Rosalia- Do You Wanna Build a Snowman,

Kirsten- We Are,

Elizabeth- Holy Ground,

That's it really. Bye for now!

The Doll,

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lewis here, with my art skills

L = Lewis,

L: Uh, so I like drawing.. And I thought I would show off this sketch of a random girl I did. It's not amazing, especially the photo. But I like it!

Simple, realistic, something nice. I need to work on the feet a bit but I'd not bad! And this was with a cheap click pencil!! I'll have to do another sketch sometime.

 Astrid wanted me to tell you that she is going to work on those vacation posts, but like our mom said on her blog. She needs time, bye for now.

The Doll,