Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Time Of The Year Has Come Back

E = Elizabeth
A = Astrid
R = Rebecca

E: It is that time of the year. That one. The one where mom picks out who is joining the family next.

R: Except this year it is different.

E: Shut up Rebecca.

R: Sure....

E: This year, we can't tell you. We know a tiny bit about her, but nothing else. We know what she looks like, but we still can't tell you.

A: Zip.

R: Nadah.

E: BUT, Mom gave us permission to tell you of someone else joining the family in about six months!

R: Yes, she did give us permission to do that.

E: In about six months, joining the family is.....


R: Interesting name.

E: Yeah....

A: At least I won't be the newest doll anymore.

The Dolls,

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