Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hi again!

M = Marie Grace

E = Elliot

K = Kaya

E: It is so awesome down here!

M: I know! I wish we could change clothes though, I just want mom to let us pick them out, I don't want her picking ours out...

E: Why wouldn't you want her picking out our clothes?

M: Because, well, today she was wearing those shorts that are kinda short, and that tank top....

K: So what if mom wears shorts that aren't very long? She can't help it! She has long legs!

E: Yeah!

K: And she wore that tank top because it is hot here in Florida! So what if it is thin enough to show the pink of her stomach, and low enough on the neck to make her relatives cringe....

E: You see Marie Grace, she loves that shirt, not only did her mom give it to her to wear, she loves the white with the green embroidery, and the lace straps, and the white ribbon and the cut of the hem.

K: Exactly.

M: Oh, I see. Anyway, it is still sto beautiful here in Florida!

The Dolls,

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