Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rebecca's Thanksgiving Photoshoot

R = Rebecca

Over Thanksgiving I traveled to North Carolina with mom, and it was amazing, there was so much SNOW!

Outside in the cold.

I'm trying to pose and stay warm.

Because it is very cold.

My beautiful curl.

So pretty isn't it?

My curls dusted in snow....

The Dolls,

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Newest Member of The Family Has Arrived

E = Elizabeth

A = Astrid

K =?

E: So the newest member of the family has arrived. She's very quiet.

A: Very odd... But she wants to say hello!

K: Hi. I'm Kaya. Mother has some pictures of me for you to see.

Me in a dress I should change out of.

Up close.

My face.

And one of my braids.

So enjoy my profile on the profile page, (It will teach you more about me.)

The Dolls,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Time Of The Year Has Come Back

E = Elizabeth
A = Astrid
R = Rebecca

E: It is that time of the year. That one. The one where mom picks out who is joining the family next.

R: Except this year it is different.

E: Shut up Rebecca.

R: Sure....

E: This year, we can't tell you. We know a tiny bit about her, but nothing else. We know what she looks like, but we still can't tell you.

A: Zip.

R: Nadah.

E: BUT, Mom gave us permission to tell you of someone else joining the family in about six months!

R: Yes, she did give us permission to do that.

E: In about six months, joining the family is.....


R: Interesting name.

E: Yeah....

A: At least I won't be the newest doll anymore.

The Dolls,

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ryder's Cold Photo's

R = Ryder

R: IT. IS. COLD. Our mom loves it, but she ALWAYS loves the cold, no matter how bitter and brutal, she LOVES it. And she made me bundle up for a photo shoot out there about a week ago....

Cold. Even in the sunlight. It maybe broke thirty degrees (Fahrenheit) today. 

Freezing. Cold.

I need thicker pants.

Maybe a ski suit.

Come gloves perhaps.

The Doll,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Photo Shoot From Our Trip To Florida

M = Mini Marie-Grace

M: So while we were in Florida I got a photo shoot done! It was awesome!

Here I am by a tree with Spanish Moss on it, kinda creepy, but cool!

And now I'm on a tree!


This is an orange tree in the backyard! 

And a shot of the spanish moss tree, the orange tree, and the other little one!

Such pretty flowers.

And this, is an area off to the side of the yard, kind of like a miniature Florida jungle!

That was all from our vacation, nothing more happened too much.

The Doll,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hi again!

M = Marie Grace

E = Elliot

K = Kaya

E: It is so awesome down here!

M: I know! I wish we could change clothes though, I just want mom to let us pick them out, I don't want her picking ours out...

E: Why wouldn't you want her picking out our clothes?

M: Because, well, today she was wearing those shorts that are kinda short, and that tank top....

K: So what if mom wears shorts that aren't very long? She can't help it! She has long legs!

E: Yeah!

K: And she wore that tank top because it is hot here in Florida! So what if it is thin enough to show the pink of her stomach, and low enough on the neck to make her relatives cringe....

E: You see Marie Grace, she loves that shirt, not only did her mom give it to her to wear, she loves the white with the green embroidery, and the lace straps, and the white ribbon and the cut of the hem.

K: Exactly.

M: Oh, I see. Anyway, it is still sto beautiful here in Florida!

The Dolls,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Elliot, Kaya, and Marie Grace in Florida!

E = Elliot
K = Kaya
M = Marie Grace

E: So if you are wondering, yes, us mini's are in Florida! Ryder was supposed to go, but a change in things has left it that mom had limited packing room, so we came instead!

K: It is HOT down here!

E: Uh, DUH! This is FLORIDA!

K: Uh huh... Anyway, we should mention, before beginning the rest of the post, that we will be posting LIVE daily all week long! This could mean up to three posts a day!

E: On to what we are doing....

M: So last night mom stayed up with her mom all day and night so that her mom would be okay driving by herself. So everyone is tired... That was pretty much the whole entire night of driving.

E: Here we all are!

E: Close up of me!

And Kaya,

And Marie Grace.

E: Marie? 
M: Yeah,
E: How are you surviving in those clothes?!
M: I am just being proper like I should!
E: Take them off! We're on VACATION! In FLORIDA!
M: Okay....


E: DUH!!!


E: Ooh! Marie let's join her!
M: Uhhh, okay..



The Dolls,